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For the potential property investor the North East of England offers arguably the most exciting opportunities that currently exist within the UK. Sustained economic challenges in the region have contributed to both low cost of entry and strong rental demand as individuals have found it increasingly difficult to both raise traditional deposits and meet affordability criteria met by more restrictive lenders. Further, recent legislation changes have led to a withdrawal from the market of the more traditional landlord, resulting in some very attractive opportunities available both on and off market. In short, for the well prepared investor, very low cost of entry and exceptionally high yields are readily available if you know where to find them.

Blue Skies Property Investment was set up to capitalise on these opportunities. Drawing on almost 10 years experience of managing a large personal portfolio, we are a TPO registered company in a position to offer a fully inclusive service for any investor looking for a hassle free property investment. This encompasses sourcing all the way through to tenanting and management. With unparalleled local knowledge and an extensive network of professionals to assist in all areas we are the perfect partner to help you benefit most from the current climate.

Our model works very differently to most similar companies. We only ever work with a small group of carefully selected clients at one time whose requirements will never directly overlap. In return for your commitment we guarantee you our own. You will receive timely and accurate appraisals of the very best deals available both on and off market. Of course, details of our most recent deals are readily available for comparison. We do not use a cookie cutter approach, nor do we list hundreds of deals of various quality on our website to appeal to the masses; everything we do is bespoke and we feel this consequently adds a huge amount of value to your time as well as your capital. Your purchase would always be handled as diligently as if it were our own. In the exceptional case that you are not entirely happy with our services, we offer a full money back guarantee as outlined in our Terms Of Service.

At Blue Skies Property Investment we are truly enthusiastic about delivering an exceptional service to our investors and we look forward to being given the opportunity to help work with you to achieve your goals.

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Over 10 years investment experience

Unparalleled local knowledge

Extensive professional network

Comprehensive knowledge of investor requirements

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Matt has been investing in the North East property market since his early 20’s, building a large residential portfolio alongside his other business interests. Drawing from this experience alongside the challenges of his previous career as an airline pilot, Blue Skies Property Investment was formed in 2016. Prior to all of this this he studied Economics whilst working for a local building firm, gaining strong insights and contacts in both the practical and theoretical workings of the property market. Passionate about property, finance and delivering excellent customer service he is also a keen golfer and Middlesbrough FC fan.

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