11 September, 2021

Why The North East Is A Great Place For Property Investment

So you’re researching property investment, and you feel ready to start your journey. That’s excellent, and beginning your investment portfolio is always exciting! You’ve got the choice between investing in new builds, starting a renovation project, or sourcing property to rent out as a landlord! Still, the question remains, where should you choose to create your portfolio? Where is the best place for property investment? Selecting the correct town or city to browse property within can be crucial to the success of your project because you’ll struggle to sell or rent out houses in an undesirable area. 

Here are just a few reasons why the North East is a great place for property investment.


1. Property In The North East Is Cheaper

The further south you venture, the more expensive properties are. For your first investments, the North East is a beautiful start since it’s affordable! You could invest in two properties in the North East for any individual property in London, so you could double your portfolio by focusing higher in the country. Initial prices are even cheaper if you opt to pursue property refurbishment for your project since damaged buildings aren’t expensive.


2. The North East Is Developing More Property

While space is getting harder and harder to obtain in London, plenty of sites are suitable for new builds in the North East. Property investment can cover everything from refurbishing old buildings to supporting a new estate. New estates are plentiful around Teesside and Newcastle. You’ve got more choice for your portfolio with more new housing getting built!


3. North East Housing Can Be Quaint

Both city housing and country housing are contained within the North East, so you are free to invest in towns and villages with little traffic. You won’t struggle to sell your property or rent out your building without noise pollution to justify, so the quaint areas of the North East can be a sensible investment. Bungalows and cottages in rural Northumberland are attractive since they provide an escape from busy life.


4. The North-East Has A Student Market

We have great news for you, should you specialise in student accommodation! There are universities in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham, so you have plenty of choices for property sourcing. Whether you settle for a flat in Sunderland or refurbish a detached house in Newcastle, student rental is a market with guaranteed annual demand. You won’t struggle to find potential tenants, and that can be reassuring! The last thing you want is an empty property on your hands with no demand.


5. North East Property Returns More Money

Properties in the North East are less expensive to invest in initially. They also return a higher percentage of money than houses in the South. You can expect 8 to 9 percent annual returns on your investments around Teesside and Northumberland so that you can enjoy the fruits of your work sooner than in London or Birmingham. Early profit means more opportunities to expand your portfolio!


6. There’s Great North East Property Investment Consultancies

We’re slightly biased, but there are plenty of impressive property investment consultancies for you to work alongside for projects in the North East. Whether you need assistance with property sourcing in Teesside, property management in Durham, or property refurbishment in Northumberland, there are experienced companies ready to help. Our team at Blue Skies Property Investment know that investing in property up North can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll make. Contact us to find out more!